The Circulation of Palestinian Refugees and Migrants (2008)

The paper considers circular migration with regard to Palestinian migrant workers and alien workers in Palestine, in the context of the EU Commission Communication on Circular Migration (2007). Throughout the paper, the unusualness of the Palestinian situation, both with regards to border control and the lack of sovereignty of the Palestinian Authorities is underlined. The paper looks in depth at the movement between Palestine and Israel as well as border crossings with the rest of the world. Owing to its sovereignty deficit, the Palestinian Authorities have not legislated directly on migration, but some legal norms do have an indirect impact. Further, the paper reviews legal obstacles to leaving the country and the question of dual nationality is also addressed and, the issuing of work permits by the Palestinian Authorities to non-Palestinian workers is explained. Finally, the role that Palestinian delegations should play with regard to their workers abroad is considered.

Khalil, Asem. The Circulation of Palestinian Refugees and Migrants.CARIM Analytical and Synthetic Notes 2008/33, Circular Migration Series, Legal Module.

Click here to download the PDF version.

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