Socioeconomic rights of refugees in times of crisis: the case of Palestinians in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria (2010)

This paper is a contribution to discussions on the possible impact of global crises, especially the current financial crisis, on the economic and social rights of Palestinian refugees in host Arab countries. This paper will be limited to discussing the case of Palestinian refugees in Arab states that host the majority of Palestinian refugees1 (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria), but recognizes that the impact of such crises reaches beyond refugees, to citizens and other legal and illegal migrants. Palestinian refugees constitute a unique case study.3 Prolonged exile, statelessness, and Israeli refusal re-admit refugees render their situation extraordinary and unique. Therefore this study and others on Palestinian refugees may not build on conclusions reached in other refugee case studies, and the conclusions reached may not necessarily be applicable in other circumstances, even if in apparently similar experiences. 

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Khalil, Asem. Socioeconomic Rights of Refugees in Times of Crisis: The Case of Palestinians in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria , American University of Cairo, Working Paper (May 4, 2010).

Click here to download the PDF version.

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