Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Strategies (Course)

Sharing materials for a course I used to teach at Bethlehem University, MICAD (latest in 2013).

Course Description:

This module will review the main tools developed in different times and places for civil and governmental peace-building activities, trying to highlight their strengths, weaknesses and usefulness in the Israeli-Palestinian scenario. A field of topical interest, Peace Studies will explore the different dimensions of conflict, ranging from economics to culture, from religion to ethnicity. Making reference to several historical experiences, the lectures will emphasize that, however difficult it might be, there is no sustainable alternative to peaceful relations among peoples.

University of Bethlehem: MICAD, Master in International Cooperation and Development

Language of Teaching: English

Course Materials: Outline May 2013, Resume Class 2008 A (code to open peace), Peace Studies Power Point, Power Points – International Organizations.

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