Mandela (2015)

I just watched the film #Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Impressed by this leader. We miss having one for #Palestine. Also I couldn’t stop thinking of the strong message he came up with for South Africa, which eventually lead to end apartheid. It wasn’t armed resistance, but forgiveness.
I know forgiveness isn’t an attractive concept in most societies. But maybe it is time to introduce it, not as a religious, but as a political one.
Look at Syria for example. Can we imagine a common future for Syrians after all this hatred and violence without forgiveness?
Egypt the same. There is no way this country will stand up again without forgiveness. Excluding the different as enemy isn’t a solution.
How can we imagine Palestinians united again? By sharing power under occupation? No. Forgiveness is the solution, yet again!
Is there a military response to the hatred, racism and feeling of injustice in France? forgiveness, again, is the only way forward!

Ps. This blog was written in 10 January 2015. It still needs to be edited.

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