Why am I skeptical about the #ICC Role? (2015)

Many are enthusiastic about recent developments with #ICC, opening preliminary examination concerning latest war on #Gaza. Well. I’m not.

Skepticism concerning #ICC‘s role is partially explained by the lack of trust one may have in international law & institutions. In fact, in its best scenarios, the #ICC involvement will make Israelis’ lives a bit more complicated, but #occupation and #apartheid will persist.

For the #ICC, it isn’t about liberation and state responsibility towards people’s right to self-determination. It is mainly concerned about international crimes, equal responsibility for transgressors, and individual responsibility. For this reason, the #ICC involvement shouldn’t become a political tactic, for lack of other political venues. In case it is, it shouldn’t be the only one.

My reflection on #ICC is based on realist consideration of international law & organizations; not on my wishful thinking, of course. Meaning: I will be happy if one find a contrary argument more convincing & happier if the future proves me wrong.

One last note. There is a common mistake in dealing with the #ICC role. It is often said: Israel should be held responsible for its war crimes, etc. The thing is that #ICC isn’t about state’s responsibility but individuals’ – including officials, whether politicians or in the army.

Rather it is expected that #ICC won’t have even a role in case, #Israel – the state – judges those cases by national courts. In other words, the #ICC may even serve #Israel whitewashing its actions by holding few individuals responsible for certain crimes.

PS. This blog was published in 18 January 2015. The blog still need to be edited. Please do not quote.

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