Shulem Deen’s “All who go do not return: A Memoir.”

15 May 2016 This book was described as “eloquent and heartbreaking” by the Wall Street Journal.” This was true for me. I enjoyed every detail in this book. I learnt about the Hasidic Community and about Jewish religion and culture generally. Most importantly, I had had an interesting example of how social and religious norms may obstacle individual freedoms and choices – which is not limited to Hasidic community or to Jewish religion alone. But to be honest, I mostly thought – while reading the book – about Deen’s wife and five children. At the end of the day it Continue reading Shulem Deen’s “All who go do not return: A Memoir.”

Jeremy Waldron’s “Political Political Theory”

I just finished reading this great book, by Jeremy Waldron: Political Political Theory Waldron re-introduces traditional institutions, in particular the parliament and the executive, back at the center of political theory. For this reason he calls his book “Political political theory”; it is about trying to provide a political theory that is based on institutions and not only concepts of justice and equality. This is a must read, not only for those interested in political theory, but also, for those interested in public law and constitutional law generally. Continue reading Jeremy Waldron’s “Political Political Theory”

Isaiah Berlin’s “The Hedgehog and the Fox”

11 May 2016 Just finished this small book of #Isaiah_Berlin: The Hedgehog and the Fox: An Essay on Tolstoy’s View of History Apparently this is his most famous and acclaimed book. Here is the first chapter It shows his … Continue reading Isaiah Berlin’s “The Hedgehog and the Fox”