Human rights and governance cluster report (2019)

The Objective of this report is to provide an updated Jerusalem human rights and governance cluster sector report, to furnish the ground for delineating concrete policies and feasible sector program and project interventions to face sector challenges and shortcomings. The scope of this human rights and governance overview focused: First, Human Rights, with special focus on residency and citizenship in occupied East Jerusalem, protected persons under International Humanitarian Law, and rights of Palestinian Jerusalemites under IHRL. Second, governance, with special focus on power relations and accountability. The report then presents the priority challenges and interventions, including, legal support and services; credible information and research; mobilization and advocacy; and the new possibilities by International Criminal Law.

Keywords: #Human_rights_Jerusalem; #Governance_Jerusalem; #Jerusalem_Legal_status; #International_humanitarian_law_Jerusalem; #Citizenship_law_and_legislation_Jerusalem; #jerusalem_Politics_and_government; #Israeli_occupation_1967.

The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) joins EMNES ...

Khalil, Asem. Human Rights and Governance Cluster Report. Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute. 2019.

Click here to download the PDF version.

You can download the full report here.

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