Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, by Yuval Noah Harari #Books_I_Read

#2020_Resolutions #More_Books pp.462

It took me more time to read this book compared to Harari’s first book I read last year, Homo Sapiens.

Homo Deus discusses the drive of human beings to become as gods. In specific, he provides a sketch of what he calls a possibility – not a prophecy – of the way the world and humans would look like in the near future. He talks about the humanist revolution, liberalism and religions.

It is fascinating how one book could get me out of my comfort zone concerning the many assumptions I have about myself as a human being, about the animal and plants world, and about the ideologies, I have always denied I have, including my views about the world and the afterworld; about our present, past and future as human species. The world is changing around us. We are losing control of the world, as we know it.

Here is how Harari concluded his book by referring to three processes: 1) Science is converging in all-encompassing dogma, which says that organisms are algorithms and life is data processing. 2) Intelligence is de-coupling from consciousness. 3) Non-conscious but highly intelligent algorithms may soon know us better than we know ourselves. (p. 462).

2-2020 book HARARI homo deus

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