Constitutional Dictatorship

For years now, my research focused on Palestinian political system and the best category or type in constitutional law and constitutional theory to classify it.

Some, of course, referred to Presidentialism or semi-Presidentialism, others considered it as a-typical parliamentary regime, others preferred to use ‘mixed regime’, etc.

Today I made up my mind. I found out that the best category to classify the Palestinian Authority’s – and for that reason many Arab countries’ – political system is:

“Constitutional Dictatorship”

This is the topic of my research which will be the subject of my next article.

But please, take it easy.

The concept of constitutional dictatorship isn’t as bad as it resonates. In fact, some constitutionalists – such as Carl Schmitt – considered ‘constitutional dictatorship’ as the best kind or the sublime example of democracy (yes, you read it well, of democracy!).

In Palestine, it is possible that we have already passed to a new level, to a situation that is way worse than ‘constitutional dictatorship’ – with all its negative connotations – suggests. There are indeed indicators that the incremental increase of executive power and its complete dependency on security apparatus, which is now controlling various aspects of our daily lives – without real questioning of the existing Israeli military regime – makes this “constitutional dictatorship” a quasi-authoritarian, but constitutional, dictatorship.

More to come.

This blog was written in 28 July 2015. It needs editing. Please do not quote.

Ps. I noticed that some use the term Democtatorship

بالعربية قمت باستخدام كلمة “الديموكتاتورية” واقترحت في إحدة الأيام أن أقوم بكتابة بحث بهذا العنوان: “الديموكتاتورية الفلسطينية ملامحها ديمقراطية وجوهرها دكتاتوري”. فلا ننخدعن أبداً بالمظاه

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