The Aga Khan University, London: The Governance Project (Survey)

My contribution to the Governance Project, the Aga Khan University.

To read my answers concerning the measures undertaken in Palestine, with regards to COVID-19 (submitted in April 2020; i.e. some information need to be updated), please visit the link below:

Here are the survey’s questions:

What are the current public health measures in place in response to the pandemic?

What is the body with jurisdiction over public health in the country according to its constitution?

Has there been any debate over the measures taken?

Has the pandemic generated any conflicting claims over jurisdiction on matters of public health?

Has the pandemic generated a discussion over other governance arrangements in the country?

And here are some selected quotes from my contribution:

“Public health became a field for competing authorities over jurisdiction.”

“Restricting the movement to and from Gaza had to be accompanied by reviewing ways under which certain sick Palestinians in the Gaza Strip – such as certain cases of Cancer – for treatment in hospitals in Jerusalem or in Israel proper.”

“Public health measures undertaken by the Palestinian government in response to the pandemic showed how fragile is the governance structure in Palestine.”

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