Asem Khalil

Curriculum Vitae

(Latest Update April 20th, 2020)

You can download the full and updated CV in word here and in PDF here.

 A S E M   K H A L I L


1 Marj Road, P.O.Box 14, Birzeit University, or

Supervisor of the Constitutional Law Unit (since 2014) Member at the Law Department (since 2006), Birzeit University. Adjunct Professor at the Global Campus Arab World, Arab Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights, University Saint Joseph, Lebanon (since 2014). Member of the Board of Commissioners (since 2017), The Independent Commission for Human Rights, ICPH, Palestine and Member of the General Assembly of Al-Haq (since 2015) Al-Haq, Palestine.  


Ph.D. in Public Law, University of Fribourg, Switzerland (2003-2006). Master in Public Administration, National School of Administration, France (2004-2005). Dottorato in Utroque Iure, Lateran University, Rome (1998-2003). 


Vice President for Community Affairs (2016-2020). Acting Director, Institute of Law (2018-2019). Research Fellow, NYU School of Law, Global Hauser (2015-2016). Visiting Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg (2015). Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, Birzeit University (2012-2015). Consultant at the Palestinian General Personnel Council for the Palestinian National School of Administration (2014-2015). Chairperson, Birzeit University Legal Committee (2012-2015) Acting Chairperson, Master of Law (2014-2015). Acting Director, Birzeit School of Government (Since 2014) Project Director (EU €1,8M Funded Project – Birzeit Component) (2013-2015). Director, The Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies (2010-2012). Research Fellow, NYU School of Law, Global Hauser (2009-2010). Adjunct Professor, Bethlehem University (2008-2014). Acting Head of Research, Institute of Law, Birzeit University (2006-2008). 


The Fulbright Visiting Senior Scholar Award (2015-2016). Member of the Board of Administrators of the Palestinian Judicial Institute (2014-2015). Birzeit University Research Committee Grant ($7330) (2014). Research Project: Refugee Camps: A Space for refuge, or a Place to Escape? Birzeit University Research Committee Grant ($17900) (2014). Research Project: Artificial Political Systems: Towards a Constitutional Theory for the Arab World. Birzeit University Research Committee Grant ($7500) (2013) Research Project: Refugees’ Protection Regime in Jordan. The Open Society Palestinian Rule of Law Award for Professors of Law (2009-2010). Member of the CARIM Network, European University Institute, Italy (2006-2011). Member of the Palestinian Judicial Institute Academic Committee (2008-2014). 

Consultancies (latest)

National Policy Agenda Drafter, Prime Minister’s Office, Coffey International Development Limited incorporated (2020). Technical support to the AGO and HJC Judicial Inspection Units, UNDP, Sawasya II Program: Promoting the Rule of Law in Palestine (2019). Legal Expert to Draft Human Rights and Governance Cluster Report. MAS & NAD, Report on the Status of Human Rights and Governance in East Jerusalem (2018-2019). Constitutional Law Expert. The Arab Association of Constitutional Law, Drafting the Arab Companion of Constitutional Law (with Xavier Philippe) (2019-2020). 

Editor or Review Experience (selected)

I have been reviewing articles upon requests from the following Journals: Middle East Critique, Human Rights Review, Journal of Politics and Law, Journal of the Arab American University of Jenin. Middle East Law and Governance (MELG), Canada. Insight Turkey, Turkey. 

Developmental Initiatives

Forced Migration and Refugee Studies Unit (IALIIS), Concentration in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies (IALIIS), Concentration in Diplmacy (IALIIS), Master Program in Law and Economics (FLPA), Master Program in Government and Local Government Studies (FLPA), Master Program in Public Law (FLPA), Master Program in Private Law (FLPA), Master Program in International Migration and Refugee Studies (Graduate Studies), Constitutional Law Unit (FLPA), Junior Palestinian Legal Experts Network (Chair).   


Arabic (mother tongue), English (excellent), French (Excellent), Italian (Excellent): Reading and Writing. 

LATEST PUBLIC EVENTS (Selected; Full list available here)

AGYA Conference, Berlin, 8-11 Nov 2019. Paper (in Abstentia): Legal Education in Palestine: What Place for History, Philosophy and Linguistics?, The Agha Khan University, London, April 2016. Paper: Governance and the Constitution in Palestine: From Books to Action, and Back. University of Münster, Conference: Underrated Legislatures: Role and potential of Arab parliaments in times of transformation, Nov 2014. Paper: The Alternatives to Parliaments in “Reactionary” Democracies: What Lessons from Palestine? Carnegie Workshop on the Future of Palestine, Amman, 17 Sep 2014. Paper: The future of the Palestinian Authority as a governing body of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Oxford University, UK, Refugee Studies Center, 20-21 Sep 2013. Discussant in a Roundtable on: UNRWA- Oxford Workshop ‘Setting a Research Agenda for Palestine Refugees: Syrian Crisis and Participation’. The European University Institute,  Florence, Italy, 10 May 2013. Paper: EU Contribution to the Consolidation of Israeli Politics of Borderless Inclusion and Exclusion: Israel and ‘its’ Palestinian Subjects. The British Academy, London, UK, 2-3 May 2013. Paper: From Revolution (in)to Constitution: The Palestinian Case. 

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